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Whether you are already interested in fiber art and would like to learn more or you just want to "check it out" - there is something for everyone here.

The roots of fiber art are multicultural. The sources of inspiration are derived from nature as well as from the spirit. In my work I attempt to achieve a synthesis between personal expression and time honored traditions. All items presented here are made with old weaving techniques; the frame or loom is the workshop and the tools are simply my fingers. My favorite weaving technique is unique and forgotten these days. It is called brocade technique which was well known in the Middle Ages but these days examples of this technique can only be found in Ethnographic Museums. Brocading allows the artist to create an amazingly highly textured effect with the fabric. I also make miniature and full size tapestries using the tapestry technique. Preparing wool is very time consuming; in order to achieve the desired texture and thickness of the thread I often hand spin virgin fleece and then dye it using such natural pigments as birch leaves, moss, lichen, nuts and flowers.

I design and make all pieces myself for over 20 years. Some of the presented works were recognized at the Unique Fiber Art shows and published in varies design magazines.

Weaving workshops

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You are cordially invited for individual weaving
lessons at Warsaw and in Etnographic Museum at Rzeszow!
Entries: +48 505-974-000; monika.art@home.pl

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